High Speed HDMI Cable Supports 4K HD 1080P made in Vietnam

High Speed HDMI Cable Supports 4K HD 1080P made in Vietnam

High Speed HDMI Cable Supports 4K HD 1080P 3D For DVD PS3 Xbox LCD HDTV Laptop

Specifications :

1. HDMI 19Pin Male to HDMI 19 Pin Male Cable 

2. Connector: 24K gold plated

3. Supports all HDMI devices

4. Supports resolution up to 2160P

5. Transmission Speed up to 10.2Gbps

6. All conductor and the shields (braid and drain) are copper

7.Can provide quite long HDMI cable with amplifying signal without power source

8. We have over 30 models (Molding/Copper/ABS/Zinc different type )are available

9. HDMI ATC certified

Supports :

1.3D video, resolution up to full HD 1920X1080P, 4K*2K

2.  Audio Return Channel & Dual Stream 1080p

3. HDTVs / PS4 / Blu-Ray players / Hometheater / Video projector

4. HDMI ethernet channel

HDMI Applications : 

1. HD-DVD, Blue-ray DVD, LCD TVs, Plasma Display

2. Game Machines: Sony Plays 

3. LCD TVs, Plasma Display

4. Rear Projection Microdisplays

5. Hi-def DVD Payers 

6. A/V Receivers

7. Digital Television

8. XBOX360 

HDMI Electrical Features:

1. 100% Open & Short Tests

2.Voltage / Hi-pot: DC 300v 10ms

3. Insulation Resistance: 10m ohm min

4. Contact Resistance: 3max

5. wire:30AWG*1P+D+FAM

6. Differential Impedance(Ω):100±1Ω(TDR)

7.Data transfer rate:10.2Gbps Max

8.Working Temperature: -25C-80C

Note HDMI interface size:

 "HDMI interface has three kinds: standard ports, mini-port and micro-port Due to volume restrictions, so on different devices, you have to choose different interface"


HDMI line is not as long as possible:

 "Theoretical single HDMI cable transmission distance is 7-8 meters, but the actual use, do not need that long ,Before buying, the best measure the desired length, measurements as long as 50cm margin is enough"

Avoid excessive bending HDMI cable:

 "During use HDMI cable, to avoid excessive bending wire, such as regular use, there may be damage to the line winding core or shield Generally along an actuate bend, the cable will not be damaged "

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